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Meet the Guys!

My Love for you is Evermore has five completed Season One Routes, and five completed voiced epilogues. Season 2 is coming 2022 with multiple planned specials before that - Stay Tuned!

Who are you most excited to fall in love with?

Kyosuke Aizawa

Meet the big exec, KYOSUKE AIZAWA! Kyosuke is confident, warm, and oh so hot!🔥 He’s the boss of the PR department you were working in, but you’ve been promoted to his executive assistance with perks like joining him as he works with big time clients! When he asks you to join him as a partner managing press for the Winter X Games, you think you may have finally broken down his professional boundaries.. however, there’s a good reason he keeps you at an arms length. Can you uncover what Kyosuke is dealing with behind the scenes?

Hiro Tachi

Hiro Tachi needs no introduction. He's just about the biggest Japanese pop star there is!✨ His name has been tossed around even more lately, as his bad boy antics have made headlines. As his new PR Rep, it's your mission to turn it around! Hiro wants to make serious music now, and judging by his lyrics you found, it's definitely the path he should take. Can the two of you convince his manager of this new direction? Or are you letting the old feelings you have for him as your former boyfriend get in the way?

Daichi Ishioka

Meet Daichi Ishioka! ♍️ Daichi works in the accounting department, but he’s best friends with your boss in public relations, so you see him around often. Unfortunately, every time you do see him, you tend to make a mess of yourself. This leaves little to no confidence in you when the two of you get placed on a project together restoring a hotel. Stoic yet snarky, Daichi proves to be a bit difficult to work with. You thought you may never get along, but why is it that after the first day of the project you’re waking up next to him in bed?!

Minoru Akimura

Meet Minoru Akimura! 🥮🍁 He is usually your competition in the Public Relations Department at Evermore Consulting, but now you’ll have to work together?! He can typically be found breaking hearts around the office; dumping girls after a one night stand seems like his MO. Still, you can see something more in his eyes.. There’s a deep disdain for women, or is it a painful memory?

Manager ?

Meet Manager! Is that really his name!? You’re working to change megastar Hiro’s image from boy-next-door to mature and sexy alongside his mysterious manager... The two of you quickly find mutual understanding in your care for Hiro, but what happens when you start to care for Manager? You find yourself wanting to hang with this endearing otaku even outside of work!

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